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Do you want to create an online magazine with WordPress Theme?

We have a suggested theme that you can use: NewspaperX. This is a WordPress theme that has been clearly planned for use in dynamic magazines, such as online magazines, news feeds, webzines, and other types of websites that require standard article updates.

Logo & Favicon in Newspaper Theme


Paper X is a theme created by tagDiv. This is the current version of the newspaper theme with some new points. Here you can see the most complete form (v9.x) for testing this theme.


Today, most modern WordPress themes have a default page generator that allows you to arrange website pages without having to manage CSS or HTML. Paper is no exception. tagDiv only creates a page builder (named tagDiv Composer) for newspapers and Newsmag. Another WordPress theme created by tagDiv.Paper comes with many pre-made website demos. Through the demo site, you can get a complete site with a few pictures.


Keep reading to explore newspaper X.


One thing to know

Important information you need to know before purchasing the Newspaper X theme. In any case, this theme requires a memory limit of 40 MB. You can activate as many WordPress configurations as possible in the wp-config.php file. Read this article to learn how to make the most of WordPress. The detailed framework requirements required by the subject of “Newspaper X” are listed here.

  • WordPress version: 4.0 or later
  • Web server: Apache or Nginx
  • PHP memory limit: 40MB (recommended: 96M)
  • PHP version: 7.0 or later
  • MySQL version: 5.0 or later

The function of the eye-catching newspaper X.

  1. Topic Panel

Compared with other WordPress themes, Paper X is unique. The topic will be added to the topic overview as a target configuration control. Some WordPress also has a dashboard. However, they do not use their control panel as a general setting control. X.

If everything is the same, they are actually using the WordPress theme customizer as a configuration control. In Newspaper X, all content is managed through the theme toolbar. From changing the header and footer, customizing the post layout, document page size, layout, theme tone, etc.


Targeted customization is great because if you need to make further improvements to the theme or any specific part of the loose site, you will know where to go. You can even change the site icon in the Newspaper X theme browser.


Another benefit of Newspaper X Topic Map is that the user interface has an amazing path highlighting function. For example, you can open the HEADER tab to open all options for customizing the header.


  1. More Options to Customize Theme Parts

Paper X gives you more options to change any part of the topic. For example, you can apply 15 different heading styles to your website. You can set the tone and text style of the selected heading style.

If this is not a problem, note 15 indicates the number of heading styles available on the theme map. 10.3 adjustments of the paper attached to the header and footer manufacturer. With tagDiv Composer, you can select a new header or footer style directly in the user interface.

Therefore, the customization options for newspapers are endless. If needed, you can use Paper X to define a separate format for each category.


In order to be able to create a template for a theme part, you need to activate the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin.

newspaper-theme- wordpress-top5toselect

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  1. Cloud Templates

Page builders (such as Elementor and Divi Builder) allow you to create pages in formats such as tagDiv Composer. However, tagDiv Composer only allows the available layouts in the cloud library. You can’t do this either. Unless you can create styles for various parts of the theme, create styles (save the page as a layout). Newspaper X provides the following types of formats:

  • 404-page templates
  • Attachment page templates
  • Author page templates
  • Category page templates
  • Date page templates
  • Footer template
  • Header templates


  • Homepage templates
  • Tags page templates
  • Single post layout templates
  • Search results page templates
  • Contact page templates
  • About page templates

You can access the cloud templates whether via the template manager (Cloud Templates) or via tagDiv Composer.


WordPress, Theme, Newspaper, Demo, Website


4. Theme Demo

Mastering tagDiv Composer is a way to create an excellent Newspaper X theme website. If you are curious about tagDiv Composer or have not used a page builder before, demos is now your ideal website. A few shots. The tagDiv project team has created many themed demos.

The demo shows the structure of the site and the components of the plan on the site. You can then adapt the components (printing, filling, design) to your image type. You can demonstrate whether there is substantial content. You can also watch the demo before the demo.

Although newspapers are clearly prepared for online magazines, there are also presentations that are not magazines, such as Dental Studio, Wine Company, Versatile App, Development Organization, Spa, and Restaurant.

5. tagDiv Composer

As mentioned above, the tagDiv group creates a page builder that can only be used for newspapers and news magazines. About tagDiv Composer. This page builder is specially designed for creating websites, such as online magazines, news articles, webzines, and other types of websites that require articles to be updated regularly. The plan includes some components (called shortcodes) that you can use to easily create a matrix area for the login page (or any other page) you have created.

In addition, there are components (block shortcodes) for displaying various styles of elements. The articles in each square shortcode can be filtered by category, author, post-classification, and various restrictions.

Although the code to view your previous articles is short, there is still some code you can add to your page. tagDiv Composer provides a total of 70 shortcodes, including:

Header main menu Instagram Call to action
Header categories list List Menu Client
Header logo News ticker Column content
Header live search Pinterest Column title
Header login Popular Category Hero
Header date Raw html Icon Icon box
Header weather Recent comments Inline single image
Mobile menu Search Form Inline text
Mobile live search Separator List
Ad box Single image Menu product
Archive list Slide Number counter
Author box Text with title Pricing table
Authors box Video Playlist Progress bar
Categories/tags list Weather Social icons
Column text Widget sidebar Team member
Exchange Newsletter Testimonial
Homepage post Social Counter Text with image
Image box Button Title over image



However, there is a very basic shortcode (planning component) that cannot be accessed in tagDiv Composer. This is the shortcode for creating the structure. You need to enter the external structure developer module to create the structure in tagDiv Composer. In any case, for the simplest design (such as contact design).

tagDiv Composer itself works just on pages.

6. Ads manager

The admonitor is another excellent reference value provided by the “Newspaper X” theme. Through this element, you can subdivide and display ad units by header, footer, single post, etc. Just paste the ad code (such as Google Adsense content), and you can find the headline on the X Newspaper theme forum.

You can also use the tagDiv Composer advertising panel to add promotions to the page. It’s very easy to display promotions in the exact location in front of you. You can also embed inline ads in a separate post format.


What’s going on in Newspaper X?

Paper X is the most recent age of the Newspaper subject. Except if there are huge changes, the following arrivals of this subject may be named “v10.x”. The form we use on this survey itself is “Paper v10.3”.


On display, Newspaper X brings in any event brings the accompanying new highlights:

  • Image Effects and Blend Modes

This feature allows you to add an effect to an image. The options to add an effect and blend modes are available on shortcodes that contain images such as Single Image, Image box, Image infobox, and so on.

  • SVG logo

In WordPress, you can use a PNG image to set it as a website logo. Since PNG is a bitmap (not universal), you need to create a logo with the exact size supported by the theme. This is annoying when you have to use other themes (and usually need to make other logos). X paper comes with an SVG logo stand, which means you can use an SVG image as a logo. This is really cool because SVG is a vector design. No matter what image size you require in the article presentation, the image quality will not be lost. When using tagDiv Composer to create your own titles, you can use SVG logos.

  • WooCommerce shortcode

Even if Newspaper X is not an online store’s problem, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to create an online store. If you need to add a store page to your website, Newspaper X will have a shortcode (Woo shortcode) to display your products. tagDiv reports that Newspaper 10 offers 7 new WooCommerce shortcodes. There is actually only one WooCommerce shortcode. However, with this shortcode, you can display articles according to 7 rules:

  • New products
  • Featured Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Most Popular Products
  • Products by Rating
  • Products by Category
  • Product Categories

You need to log in and run the WooCommerce module to get the WooCommerce shortcode.

  • New tagDiv ComposerUI

To be honest, the tagDiv Composer user interface and customer experience have not undergone any major changes. In fact, you need to enter the grade to define the edges and padding of the component.

Specialized Support

tagDiv uses special help based on collections. After the purchase is complete, Themeforest will send you a purchase code, allowing you to access special discussions. You will find answers related to the professional topic you are currently looking for. A meeting.

The Verdict

Newspaper X is one of the best WordPress themes for creating online magazines or other dynamic websites such as news portals or blogs. This is the best-selling theme in the Newspapers category of Themeforest. This theme comes with a page builder: tagDiv Composer, dedicated to creating online magazines. If you are not familiar with page builders, there are many ready-made demos that can help you create a beautiful website in no time. Custom options.


Pricing and Support Update

Paper X is accessible only on Themeforest. You can get this subject for $59 for a solitary permit. tagDiv offers a lifetime update. This implies, each time another form is accessible, you can refresh your Newspaper X subject to the furthest down the line variant to the freshest highlights and bug fixes. To make it simple for you to refresh to the most recent adaptation of Newspaper X, you can introduce the Envato Market module. Peruse this article for point-by-point guidelines.


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